Identify deep patterns in your customer data


Answers, not dashboards. Prescriptions, not descriptions.

Companies are swimming in data and dashboards. But nobody trusts their data, and reports are backward-looking. Companies also lack ML and Ai capabilities to give them real answers. Yet Ai is happening today, and the best companies are now shifting from, "What happened last quarter?" to..."What will happen next quarter?" Pattern ai™ can tell you. Through our pre-packaged Ai solutions delivered as a unique SaaS service, Pattern ai™ will instantly Ai-enable your enterprise and transform your decision making from descriptive to prescriptive.


Data Science as a Service (DSaaS). Just add data. Pattern ai™ engines will do the rest.

No data scientists necessary. We've made data science and Ai easy and instantly accessible by providing data science solutions and Ai in the cloud. Just provide the data, and Pattern ai™ will give you the answers you need. Like our unique Ideal Customer Pattern™ and Ground Truth ICP™ that provide you with deep customer insights beyond anything in the market today, without requiring any code, Ai or data science know-how. And that's just the beginning. You provide the data, we'll Ai-enable your enterprise.


We'll automatically extract, transform, and load your data into a readily accessible format-- and help you continuously unlock its hidden economic value

Poor data management and governance can be a barrier to gaining deep customer insights. Pattern ai™ can help. We'll provide an automated free data diagnostic and data quality score, and identify which data is most valuable to your business and how to leverage it. Then our platform will  ETL your  data to unlock its full economic potential. Call us to learn more. We believe this exciting new technology will revolutionize your business.  

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